The Port Denison Sailing Club (PDSC) was established in 1864, making it the second oldest sailing club in Queensland. PDSC is affiliated with Australian Sailing and delivers a venue, equipment and trained volunteers to making sailing off the beach safe, respectful and fun.

Our mission statement  is:

"To encourage sailors to continue their sailing development as they grow and foster a lifelong love of the sport."

The Port Denison Sailing Club (PDSC) is located at 1 Thomas Street on Bowen's Front Beach. The wide sandy beach and steady trade winds make our club ideal for dinghy sailing and the club house provides a picturesque vantage point with the northern Whitsunday Islands as a backdrop.

Port Denison Sailing club acknowledges the contributions from the Queensland Government via grants providing financial support to enable our volunteers to teach children how to sail in a safe and fun environment.

We would also like to extend our most sincere gratitude to local government and businesses who continue their support for our annual regatta, Sail Bowen.

And just as importantly as our financial contributors, our volunteers. Without the continual effort by volunteers, the club could not operate, so whether you are cooking some bangers, fixing a leaky boat, picking up some fuel or passing on your sailing knowledge, we say a massive thank you for your time.



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